Sunday, May 30, 2010

The rearrange...

I recently sort of re-did my little girls room. Now being in Germany I am very limited in what I can find, or do. The wallpaper, which I despise, must stay up. I choose to pretend it doesn't exist and work around it as if it were not even there. :)

I made a wall hanging using bakers twine and different picture secured with clothes pins. When she gets older I would love to have a big wall in our house like this for all her art.

I wanted to keep it pretty nuetral so I went with the basic beige rug. The little pink rug she had before I kept to let her play on, and keep toys on in the corner. I added a spare wingback chair from our office so I have somewhere to sit when I'm in there. It can later be replaced with a childrens table. The capiz light fixure is my favorite part. I still need to do the curtains, which I am thinking are going to be brown, but you never know. I added a bowl of binkies or nukkas or whatever you may call them. We are constanly losing these and its nice to have them close at hand.

I'll constantly be changing this room.. I'll keep you updated.. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

In the beginning...

So this is my first attemp at a blog "post". It's going to be short and sweet...

What am I in love with today???? This tee from crewcuts! So cute!

And it would look adorable with these shorts... (love)